You Might Have ME/CFS if…

A repost from that other blog o’ mine. A little funny for you to enjoy 🙂

Capricious Lestrange

make-me-laughHere’s my take on Foxworthy’s Redneck skit for ME/CFS:

  • You’ve had enough well meaning advice from healthy people to last you two lifetimes
  • Your commute for dinner and a show is from your bed to your recliner
  • You spend 23 hours a day in bed and only 6 asleep
  • You spend 23 hours a day in bed and only 6 awake
  • Most of your closest friends have never seen you IRL
  • You grow so many fungal infections your doctor suspects you’re moonlighting as a tree
  • Your most effective meds are supplements you learned about from other #spoonies
  • Your doctor’s MA cracks Walking Dead jokes every time she takes your vitals
  • You’re on a first name basis with your lab’s phlebotomists
  • You wish your hospital/doctor’s network had a rewards program
  • You buy your supplements in bulk
  • You can judge the weather without ever looking out a window
  • You know how cells…

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One thought on “You Might Have ME/CFS if…

  1. You forgot about wearing your jammies all day.

    And only being able to do anaerobic exercise, preferably lying down. Brisk walks are for people who can also swim to Mars, because they’re not for me.

    It’s good you maintain a sense of humor about it – I found out long ago that crying, which produces adrenaline, isn’t something I can do because the body doesn’t process the adrenaline very well, and it’s simply not worth it. I miss a good cry. If anything every needed it…

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